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Our Zincplex site map includes the links to all of the pages on our site that answer specific questions about the scalp, hair and head in particular! We can help you to learn more about solutions to major scalp problems including itching, flaking, redness, sores, bumps, acne and pimples, crusty scalp and much more. We can help you to learn more about the major scalp problems such as scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema, seborrheic dermatitis of the head, seborrhea, seborrheic eczema, scalp acne and pimples, scalp sores and many more problems!

Dandruff has become one of the most seen problem for today's men and women. Dandruff is ja scalp condition with symptoms that include scalp  itching, scalp redness, scalp sores, scalp scabs, smelly scalp or odor, large white or even large yellow flakes, small white flaking, dryness or oily scalp and hair conditions can occur. In some cases it can cause hair loss in people mainly because of the inflammation that occurs inside the hair follicle. People can prevent dandruff by following simple steps and procedures in their day to day life. Keeping the scalp and hair clean is the first and foremost thing to prevent scalp dandruff To keep the hair and scalp healthy one should wash the scalp regularly with shampoo or conditioner. Then it is important to have a healthy diet. One should avoid eating fat rich foods and spicy foods so that one can minimize the chances of getting dandruff. Excess body heat can also cause dandruff, therefore one should always strive to keep their body cool. Although washing shampoos and conditioners can control dandruff, to achieve better result one should also lead a healthy life style. If dandruff persist even for long days, then it is better to consult a dermatologist