scalp treatments for dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, itchy scalp
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Zincplex™ Complete Kit

The original Zincplex™ Hair & Scalp Kit Includes: (8 oz) Shampoo Concentrate, (8 oz) Conditioner, (2.2 oz) Scalp Therapy Lotion.




Zincplex™ Hair Combo

The original Zincplex™ Hair & Scalp Combo Includes: (8 oz) Shampoo Concentrate & (8 oz) Conditioner!


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Zincplex™ Extra Strong Shampoo

Order 8 oz High Potency Version of Zincplex™ Shampoo or Gallon High Potency Zincplex™ Shampoo. Stronger Version of Original Shampoo! Jump Start!



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  Zincplex Extra Strong™ Gallon Shampoo



acne in scalp shampoo herbal cleanser


Zincplex™ Hair Shampoo

Order 8 oz Concentrate Zincplex™ Shampoo or Gallon Zincplex™ Shampoo



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  Zincplex™ Shampoo Gallon



zincplex shampoo gallon


Zincplex™ Hair Conditioner

Order 8 oz Zincplex™ Conditioner, Gallon Zincplex™ Conditioner.



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Zincplex™ Scalp Therapy Lotion

Order Zincplex™ Scalp Therapy Lotion. Available in 2 oz size and a Gallon with pump!


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Zincplex™ Body Products Kit

Amazing for purifying the body. Products include Zincplex™ Body Wash, Zincplex™ Body Cream/Lotion.


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Zincplex™ Body Wash

Deep Purifying and Herbal Cleansing Body Wash with Zinc PCAC.


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Toll Free: (866) 521-4322

All products carry a full 90 day guarantee! This means that you will a complete 90 days to try these products out and make sure that they work for you!














































































acne and zinc pca

There are many great reasons to try Zincplex! We can help the symptoms of a ton of different scalp problems including bumps and pimples, itches and flakes and many other problems that people often face wen it comes to their scalp. At first glance many people feel that there is a great deal of anguish over conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis or severe dandruff. I can tell you however, that by restricting your diet from sugar and mill products and then using the Zincplex products you can control your symptoms to the point where no one ever kows that you have a problem.

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